By Ged Finnegan

It’s been a while since I have been moved to write anything on my beloved Everton but after viewing recent events I couldn’t help but put some words down to describe how I feel.

I’ve been watching Everton for sixty-odd years now and have witnessed many highs and lows, as a lot of Evertonians have. There’s no need here to list them, we’ve heard them all before. However, during those highs and lows I, like many Evertonians, dared to think that perhaps this was the start of a famous new chapter and indeed it was in some cases. They were wonderful times but never seemed to last long enough. We’ve been here before as well!

Let’s get to the point. I am only one person but I hope I tap into your feelings as well. Can this be the start of a brave new world for Everton? Are we on the cusp of something bigger than we dared dream and in such a short time?

Moshiri and Koeman began the process. We cannot understate the significance of Moshiri coming to Everton and how he has changed the attitude and direction of our great club. ”We don’t want to be a museum” reverberated around the world for me and signalled an intention to change direction. A massive statement in my opinion.

Koeman, his brilliant no nonsense approach and constant talk of “The project.” This bloke doesn’t mess about. He is someone who has bought into Moshiri’s drive to take Everton to the very peak.

A really good first season has followed with the usual hiccups, as in every business but some huge positives along the way also. You know what they are.

We now find ourselves at the next level, stage two, whatever you want to call it but what a next step we have made! Of course we have to get the results to go with that but that’s my point really. A change of attitude. We can be at the top, we will be at the top. We must handle the pressure, we will handle the pressure. Change the mindset.

We are the news now. Our signings are making the news. Our young lads are making the news with their league title and world cup win.

Schneiderlin, Gueye and Bolassie were the start of it all. High quality.

Opportunities for youth in Davies, Holgate, Calvert-Lewin and Lookman showed to a lot of young men that the opportunity is here for you at Goodison. We are buying up the cream of youth and developing them in our under 23 team or sending them out on loan. Mathis, Bowler, Donkor, Onyekuru. We’re doing what Chelsea have done for years.

Next step. This transfer season. Unbelievable. I measure the signing of Pickford at the same level as the museum quote and the signing of Koeman. It says to me, ‘no more mediocrity’. The spine. Young. An international. We haven’t had anyone, anyone, since Neville Southall.

Keane down the middle, The spine. An international. Young.

Klaassen. An international and captain. Young.

Ramirez. An international. Ex Barcelona. Hungry. Something to prove. Young.

Rooney. An International. Captain. Hungry. Something to prove.

It’s all Everton. We’re all over the media! Pressure, pressure, pressure. I love it.

And it hasn’t ended there! Who knows who else we will be going for. I won’t recognise half the team when they walk out against Stoke!

Most of last season were sell outs at Goodison. All the season tickets were snapped up long before this transfer spell. Every game will be a sell out. Tickets will be like gold dust. And there’s a reason for that. Evertonians are buying into this brave new world. Young and old can see what is happening.

I haven’t even mentioned the new stadium and what that will mean!

Even the start of the season is tough. But I say… bring it on. Deal with the pressure. Tell the world now… WE are Everton and we are here to stay.

I’m over sixty and feel like this so God knows how young Everton fans feel but don’t you deserve it? Don’t you want it?  Of course you do!




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