Thursday, March 30, 2017
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The Esk: Time to match the ambition of the fans

By The Esk There are decisions being made in the corridors of power at Goodison that will determine not only our short term futures but the prospects of our future...

PODCAST SPECIAL: A Year with Moshiri

This week marks one year since Farhad Moshiri invested in Everton Football Club. In a special podcast, Matt Jones, The Esk and Dave Downie take a comprehensive look at...

The Esk: Usmanov and Everton, will it happen?

By The Esk In the last few days, I joined the excellent people at to discuss Everton’s ownership, Moshiri, and in particular the potential involvement of Usmanov. We discussed...

After investing in Everton, what is Alisher Usmanov’s next move?

Alisher Usmanov was the name on every Everton fan's lips a little under a week into the new year. USM Holdings, the company part-owned by the Russian billionaire and Arsenal...

The Esk: Everton’s financial strategy paying dividends

For many fans, trading players for profit seems to be frowned upon, or at least considered a questionable strategy for football clubs to engage in. The idea of being...