WALES WOES: A scene from my drive to Swansea this weekend.

The worst of the weekend, with Dave Downie

I spent my weekend driving around more than four hundred miles of Welsh greenery stuck behind sheep, cattle, farming vehicles and fifty-something men driving twenty miles an hour in their soft-top convertibles in the midst of a mid-life crisis – all to witness Romelu Lukaku gently massage Lukas Fabianski’s hands with our only shot on goal.

WALES WOES: A scene from my drive to Swansea this weekend.

Speaking of Rom, it’s great to see him put so much effort into his performances despite all of the speculation regarding his future. He’s been having a moan of his own in the early hours of this morning of how the press speculation is doing his head in.

I feel for you Rom.

How can people have the gall to speculate when you’ve been so tight-lipped about your future in the last few months? It’s almost like they think you’ve been really ambiguous by what you’ve said on international duty and in various interviews you’ve given about your ambition….

NOT A HAPPY BUNNY: Rom is displeased on Twitter.

Fortunately for me, my Everton misery was saved by a great night out in Swansea town centre, which felt like stepping in and out of Doctor Who’s phone box at times. The only surprise was that I didn’t encounter Maarten Stekelenburg propping up the bar; He was a lot closer to having a pint in one of the city’s fine establishments than he was to his goal as Fernando Llorente nodded home at the Liberty. But it was a good day for the big man; his expertly coifed hair was immaculately intact on the final whistle which meant he could head straight down the high street to get on it without troubling the Brylcreem.

IT’S YOUR ROUND LAD: Maarten Stekelenburg on his way down Swansea high street.

One of my other observations whilst restraining myself from meltdown in South-Wales was the booing of Ashley Williams by the home faithful. As far as I’m aware, the former Swans captain hasn’t had a bad word to say about his former employers.

Oh hang on. Their hatred must come from the scathing comments he made when he was asked about leaving: “I just felt like for me to get the best out of myself I needed to come out of what I know and what’s comfortable to me and step away and try and challenge myself.

“There are so many good people there, I’d been there eight years, my kids have grown up and gone to school there and so Swansea is a massive part of my life. It was difficult saying bye to everyone but at this stage of my career, it was something I needed – that’s nothing against Swansea.” 

Translated into Welsh, he must clearly be saying dragons aren’t real and that rugby is crap.

VILLAIN: Ashley Williams is hated in Swansea, for obvious reasons apparently.

I don’t know about you, but for me that’s even worse than the time Emmanuel Adebayor bombed it the length of the pitch to incense the travelling Arsenal fans after scoring for Man City.

FUME: Ashely Williams has done far more to goad Swansea fans than Adebayor ever did.

Williams played 352 times for the club, won promotion to the Premier League as well as lifting a League Cup whilst also captaining their beloved country to the Euro 2016 semi-finals. He’s clearly turned his back on his former club and country.

Shame on you for joining a club that definitely won’t get relegated, Ashley. Judas!


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