PASSION: Nice to see these men taking their respective divorces so well.

The worst of the weekend with Dave Downie

Well there’s only one place to start this week and in light of our own side having to bid farewell to its beloved home at some point in the near future, it’s only fair we pay tribute to Spurs and the send off they gave White Hart Lane yesterday.

The Londoners welcomed many of their legendary players onto the pitch following the 2-1 win over Man United and there was a band and umbrellas and everything. Dramatic scenes indeed for the club as they make the thirty second trek to their new home for the season after next.

Emotions were running high with this group of recent divorcees struggling to contain themselves.

PASSION: Nice to see these lads taking their respective divorces so well.

In fairness it looked like a classy goodbye¬†and equally so was the low-key portrayal of “the Lane” in the press and of course, Sky Sports…


It may have eluded your attention, but Man United were at White Hart Lane yesterday as well – in name if not in person. Jose Mourinho opted to make eight changes to his side to accommodate for the forthcoming Europa League final.

He said: “It was compulsory; what we did was compulsory. I am happy with the situation today. They played 90 minutes the ones that need to play and I rested a few people.

“There were no injuries and one less match to play because in this moment the Premier League for us is just matches we didn’t want to play.”

All this before the special one stormed out of the interview when asked about what he needed to do to challenge for the title next season. Mind you, he lasted longer than I would when being questioned by everyone’s best mate Geoff Shreeves.


THE GREATEST LEAGUE IN THE WORLD: Mourinho isn’t a fan of the last few games of the season.

Mourinho is a man after my own heart, though. He’s absolutely right about Premier League games nobody wants – there’s ten of them next Sunday.

Aside from Liverpool’s guaranteed win over already relegated Middlesbrough to guarantee a top four finish, not one game will have any real significance riding on it.

But fear not – there is a gargantuan battle for 8th place to get your juices flowing. Any one of West Brom, Leicester, Southampton, Bournemouth and even West Ham can mathematically take the illustrious crown.

To put things in perspective before you reach for the popcorn, a paltry total of 46 points could be good enough to secure 8th – West Ham and Bournemouth only guaranteed top-flight status just over a week ago.

The greatest league in the world.




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