PODCAST: Everton Business Matters Episode 4

In this episode of Everton Business Matters, Rodger Armstrong, John Blain and The Esk return to talk about the financial importance of European football and the incremental value of good branding.

They also discuss how much income can really be generated from the Europa League and cumulitive impact of regular European competition.

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One thought on “PODCAST: Everton Business Matters Episode 4

  • 23rd June 2017 at 10:20 pm

    Another excellent podcast on the business side of football and the impact upon the clubs who do best on the field of play, tear in, year out.
    For me, those final thoughts of The Esk in terms of six-pointers whereby we increase our earnings at a cost to our competitors, and not taking or foot off the accelerator pedal are absolutely vital.

    Now some would say that such matters may not be for the dressing room, and let the players concentrate on playing, but I’d suggest that the playing squad need to fully understand, realise and accept the responsibility for playing to their very best capabilities in every game, then that is the first step on the road to greater financial rewards, better recruiting, trophies etc etc.


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