PODCAST: Everton Business Matters Episode 7

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Rodger Armstrong, The Esk and John Blain return for a special edition of Everton Business Matters to discuss the arrival of Wayne Rooney at Everton from a non-playing perspective.

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2 thoughts on “PODCAST: Everton Business Matters Episode 7

  • 10th July 2017 at 9:23 pm

    I couldn’t agree more guys, we have to spread the brand as much as is possible and if that means having Everton tops hanging up in a sport shop in Barcelona then as Nike would say, “Just Do It”.

  • 10th July 2017 at 9:43 pm

    Thanks chaps for another interesting EBM podcast.

    The first section highlighting the massive change in the investment levels and de-bunking the ‘net spend’ argument should be made compulsory listening for any supporters who are still struggling to accept that the club is no longer ‘selling to buy’ when recruiting new players.

    The amortisation aspect is not too dissimilar to any ordinary business that purchases stock for resale, but in the period between purchase and sale, adjusts the asset value by writing down, and eventually off the book values, any/all slow moving, ultimately redundant or obsolete stock.

    Part Two, and the marketing/commercial opportunities presented with the return of Wayne Rooney that are probably beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. And as big a name Wayne Rooney undoubtedly is, he and his magnetism needs to be capitalised upon in terms of projecting all of the squad, and in particular all of the new recruits… Pickford, Keane, Ramirez and Klaassen.

    To simply rely on the name/face of Wayne is to miss, dare I suggest, yet another trick. Ramirez and Klaassen should open up marketing opportunities in their respective homelands, and with Pickford and Keane widely expected to be shoe-ins to the England squad in the near future, the time for Everton to capitalise commercially could hardly be better.

    Part Three and the issues of poor/disjointed/mis-managed avenues of communication simply has to be addressed as a matter of the highest priority.

    Everton can no longer operate an apparent two-tier system of getting the messages out into the public domain.

    The woeful handling of the ICBC deal followed so quickly by the Lukaku deal valuation hiatus continues to make our communication processes look at best amateur.

    Keep banging the drum chaps, pennies have to start dropping somewhere much sooner rather than later.


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