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The Mailbag – Matt is joined by Mike De Asha, Adam Jones and debutant Kate Reilly to answer any questions you’ve submitted to us via social media.

Subs Weekly – Matt Jones, Mark Mosey and Callum Wyatt chat about how Everton should line up for the clash with Cardiff City.

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  1. Everton should give Every fan there money back, why should the players get their money when the fans get nothing for there .
    we need a big clear out of players I have 10 players that are either too old or too slow not good enough or should never been bought in the first place and as for Rooney too much wages he’s met to love the club that much how about not so much wages then Wayne not like he need it .here is my ten players who can go if we are ever to try for top 6
    Kenny,Holgate,Williams,Martina,McCarthy,Schneiderlin,Jagielka,Rooney,Joel,Baines, we need A whole new back four never mind just left back , there only one player this season who has saved everton for the points he has won use , and effort on the pitch Niasse definitely we would be in bottom three without him . This could Only Happened at Everton.
    Love the show or shows only thing that been good this season only found site few months ago , is there anyway we could have phone in on show aswell , the both games again West Brom we where luck to get away with point in both of them , everton should give fans something ,

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