FFP Loopholes: Everton Business Matters 10 explores Financial Fair Play regulations.

In this edition of Everton Business Matters:

Rodger Armstrong, John Blain and The Esk discuss the details of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play Regulations with ESPN Senior Writer and Times Columnist Gabriele Marcotti (@Marcotti) and Sheridans sports lawyer Daniel Geey (@FootballLaw).

During a fascinating hour, our listeners will hear what FFP is all about, whether it is working as intended and why Everton could be one of the few clubs able to exploit the rules in a way that is done with the blessing of UEFA and takes our great club to the next level.

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  1. Well if there’s anybody out there who thought EBM was just three opinionated Blues chatting purely for their own edification, then surely this tenth edition with two massively knowledgeable people as Messrs Marcotti and Geey will have dispelled that myth.

    Much of what they outlined and explained is possibly a bit too detailed for many footie supporters, but there can be no denying that they know their subject matter inside out, and they added enormous credibility to an otherwise already creditable series of podcasts.

    As Evertonians, it highlighted the need for the new stadium plans and planning permission to come to fruition as quickly and effectively as possible, and then for the club to draw up and act upon a far reaching and futuristic business plan in order to maximise every possible opportunity to market and ‘sell’ the club… not only to the next generation of players to bring the ‘promised land’ of the Champions League on a regular basis, but to future generations of fans, corporate business partners, advertisers, and sponsors.

    Since Farhad Moshiri arrived much has been done, but such was the differential in the way Everton operated to the way Everton now needs to and MUST operate in the future, his work has only just begun.


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