Everton Business Matters Episode 12

Six months have elapsed since the very first edition of Everton Business Matters was published on The Blue Room and in this episode the Fun Boy Three of Rodger, John and The Esk review how much off-field progress has been made at the Club. Additionally, and with major contracts rumoured to be changing they debate what our future might bring, what needs to improve and just who is going to pick our new manager.

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One thought on “Everton Business Matters Episode 12

  • 26th October 2017 at 9:24 pm

    The idea of a six monthly review is a really good one, it crystallises matters for regular listeners and offers a broad overview for the casual or first time listener.

    A really good round-up with excellent bullet points that highlighted the full scale of the issues on so many fronts.

    The lack of a true defined hierarchal structure appears to me to be very strange in such a massive business… and surely has to be addressed if the club wants to grow and grow quickly to close the gap on the ‘big six’ ?


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