By Gil

What is it about Everton that makes people feel so comfortable? A blanket of comfort envelopes the club and many of those associated with it, supporters would more than likely snatch for a feeling of comfort now given current circumstances, but for Everton comfort should not be enough.

Comfort is smooth, trouble free and cosy which eventually equals stagnation, mediocracy, apathy and non-decision. Ambition can lead to suboptimal decisions as there is risk involved, but at least if a poor choice is made it can act as a learning process to make an optimal decision in the future and progress. Optimal choices lead to growth, momentum, higher standards, excellence and reward. In my thirty-year relationship with Everton the club have continued to operate in the comfort zone.

The only discomfort Ronald Koeman is experiencing now if from some supporters.  There certainly does not appear to be any heat from Mr Moshiri given the patronising and unprofessional draft released yesterday.

Koeman has engineered himself into position where he can reel off excuses to protect himself given the current plight. He can sharpen his drive and chip shots with full confidence that he is in no danger whatsoever of losing his job.

Some recent excuses; net spend, not responsible for player recruitment, too many new players to integrate and fearful players being amongst them.

Not good enough, let us quickly break some of these excuses down:

Net spend-irrelevant

Not responsible for player recruitment-yes you are, as manager you are integral to player recruitment along with Steve Walsh a team effort I’m afraid

Too many new players-please Ronald

Fearful players-tactics, team organisation, motivation and opposition planning equals the manager

Ronald Koeman is too comfortable and is allowed to be. The press also appears reluctant ask the man telling questions. A man who sold us a dream of closing the gap, competing and believing only to slaughter his own product with comments made after the Manchester United game. Self-preservation. Roberto had a more flamboyant sales pitch, Ronald’s subtler, both selling the same dud product in the form of higher expectations-finally stepping out of the comfort zone perhaps? No.

Where is the accountability? Where is the responsibility-personally and collectively as a football club? Mr Moshiri perhaps?

If you had asked me this two weeks ago I would say yes Moshiri has been the man to drag us out of our comfort zone and of course he has shown this in many aspects. Something still does not sit right, inexplicably a comfort with losing, cemented by an alarming statement yesterday. This statement threads back to other concerning features displayed by Moshiri regarding on the pitch maters; the McCarthy statement-the Jim White phone call regarding the Ross Barkley debacle and transfer business, “we’ll go with what we have”.

This is scratching the surface, I have not mentioned the club generally-transfer strategy, Steve Walsh, club communication and supporters disconnect/distancing. Set in its ways, personnel throughout able to coast in positions-no threat and no freshness.

Everton in the Community-award winning, innovative, progressive, excellence, pioneering and ambitious THIS is Everton.  Where are these characteristics elsewhere in the cogs of the club? They are not there and have not been for a long time-this apathy allowed our last manger to sit so comfortably it almost tore the soul out of the club

When will it all stop being so comfortable?  When will we will live by our motto as the core value of the club from top to bottom? Ronald Koeman and Mr Moshiri Nil Satis Nisi Optimum is not something you can pick and choose.


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