CRUNCH TIME: Ronald Koeman has to turn things around quickly.

Well here’s an honest and objective assessment, not only of the manager but the club:

None of what we are hearing or seeing is good enough. It’s not acceptable if you believe in Nil Satis Nisi Optimum.

Expected losses? Since when has Everton entered a game expecting to lose? What sort of mentality is that? Yes, we are objective enough to acknowledge the vast gap in resources between us and the City’s United’s and Chelsea’s of this world, but I’ve never thought we enter a match expecting to lose.

Who’s idea is that? The manager? The Chairman, the largest shareholder? It’s certainly not the fans.

It seems that ambitions have changed. In the early days of the Moshiri era we were told “nothing will ever be the same”, “we can compete with anyone financially” and even in January “we’re not a museum, we need to win trophies”

How do any of those comments square with the idea we can have expected losses?

Let’s look at the manager.

I was asked to talk on national radio earlier this morning but other news events meant I didn’t get the opportunity.

I was going to be asked about my concerns for Ronald Koeman. My answer would have included the following:

My concerns over Koeman include selection, formation, tactics, motivation, ability to attract/retain best players. Ability to improve players. Commitment to the club beyond his contract. He doesn’t get us. There was more too.

What is his relationship with the club? the board? the Director of Football? There’s no evidence at all that he’s integrated into the club. There’s no reference from Koeman to “us” or “we”, it’s always Everton referred in the 3rd person.

What about his relationship with the players? The handling of Niasse and Barkley? The handling of some of the young lads, his comments about the U-23s at the end of their championship winning season.

We know that Koeman was Moshiri’s first choice. We know that he was an integral part of an initial three year project, but there’s no evidence 16 months in that there is any progress at all. In fact, the evidence is that we going in the opposite direction.

Moshiri spoke of a “small window of opportunity”. We are living in extra-ordinary times in football. There’s huge investment by the leading clubs to ensure they grab the massive rewards of enormous broadcasting rights deals, not only this cycle but the increased rewards of 2019-22. The rewards of European football are huge also, but we’re going to miss out if we don’t get things right on the pitch. We can’t afford another mid-table or lower position – there’s a huge loss of income and most importantly we’ve no hope of attracting the quality of player we desire and need if our ambitions are to be met.

I’m as positive as any Evertonian. I hope I’m objective too, but from my perspective currently all I can see is questions. Questions that are not being answered by the club, the manager or the players on the pitch.

We need answers, and we need to hear what is going to change to bring about the changes required. 16 months in and we can’t just keep repeating what clearly isn’t working. The Lukaku goals papered over many cracks, but now they’re gone, it’s all laid out bare, and it’s not an encouraging sight.


  1. Could not agree more.

    It’s about time that someone – to use popular political terminology – held some feet to the fire and demanded not platitudes, but answers and genuinely positive action to bring an end to the malaise that is inherently rampant throughout Everton.

    I am sick and tired of inaction, dithering, caving in to player/agent demands and a seeming acceptance that we are (maybe, but not on current form) the best of the rest.

    What part of seventh or aiming for fourth ties in with NSNO ?

    Neville Southall is 100% right when he says we’ve been brainwashed into thinking aiming for fourth is acceptable. It’s tripe, if you don’t play to win and that means winning the whole damn thing, then you might as well not play.

    Everton are too soft, too nice and that does not make for winners.

    We need to become much tougher and harder in everything we do, and if in certain circumstances that means beingb ruthless, then be bloody ruthless.

    End the malaise, get rid of dead wood, clean the swamp ( I can’t believe I’m nicking a phrase of Trump) install winners, breed a winning mentality, crush the opposition and maintain that kind of momentum onwards.

    Right now, we’re light years from being ‘a big club’ again and that is no longer acceptable.

    The time is drawing ever closer for a potential revolution and Farhad Moshiri, if he’s genuinely and totally committed to Everton, needs to lead it and from the front.

    No more Mr.Nice Guy Everton, we’re all sick to death of mediocrity and a laissez-faire attitude.

    Time to get off the pot and piss !!


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