In the latest episode of Everton Business Matters:

John, Paul & Rodger explain the dramatic improvements Everton must make in commercial revenue generation in order to compete and win at the highest level.

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  1. Wow.

    Most if not all Evertonians know that we’ve sadly underperformed in commercial activities and successes over many, many years. But when you hear in blunt numbers the kind of targets that need to be set, achieved and surpassed, you very quickly realise that – as the guys state – the club needs a major structural overhaul.

    Nobody wants to see people sacked. However, it’s painfully obvious that personnel – at all levels – who have failed and failed miserably in recent years simply will not be able to change their game to anything remotely close to the level of energy and aggressive go-getting that will be needed over the next three years, and indeed beyond.

    And if that means changes right at the very top and all the way down through the levels of staff, then those changes have to be made, we cannot languish any longer. Every day, week and month that slips by with no improvement puts us even further behind the proverbial eight-ball.

    Mr Moshiri will need to ‘think outside the box’ in terms of how he oversees the re-structure of personnel and indeed the recruitment of new personnel.

    We’ve learned just today that Liam Fox has taken a team of 27 people across the Atlantic to try and negotiate trade deals with the US for post-Brexit, yet the professional deal-making experience of him and his team is practically nil. From the US side, their team is 77 members strong and just about everyone is a hardnosed business professional, battle hardened in deal making. Seems like Liam Fox and co have gone to a gun fight carrying a knife… now, where have I heard that scenario before ??

    Taking that analogy back to the predicament Everton find ourselves in of woefully underperforming commercially and in real terms falling further behind as other clubs continually ‘up their game’ and Mr Moshiri is going to have to find a whole new team of deal makers.

    Structure, a strategy, targets and a balls-out, not taking no for an answer will to achieve and succeed are needed, the very essence of NSNO.

    We’re in October 2017, the new team of commercial staff need to be recruited, roles defined, strategies devised, and (tough) targets set no later than the end of the current season. From that point, to the start of the 21-22 season when hopefully BMD will open its doors to its first games, that gives us roughly 39-40 months.

    So set a target of at least one new commercial/sponsorship partnership per month – if Chelsea want to expand to 30 plus partners and Man United have 60 or more – we have to aim for at least one new deal per month to the opening of the stadium On The Banks of the Royal Blue Mersey and then hit the accelerator
    on the back of our glittering new home.

    To coin a phrase from Apollo 13… Failure is not an option !!!


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