Everton Business Matters Episode 13

Exploiting slightly older technology than usual, trains and cars, John, Paul, and Rodger convened in the Radio City Tower to record Episode 13 of Everton Business Matters. Six months on from the first episode they’re in the same place for the first time and debate what’s changed and what hasn’t in that time.

For this episode they’re joined by Dave Downie, who for one night only hosts the programme and will be asking the questions and seeking to put the Fun Boy Three on the spot. More than ever the off-field activities are top of the page at our great club with everything from management decisions to the Paradise Papers being debated.

One thought on “Everton Business Matters Episode 13

  • 8th November 2017 at 3:48 pm

    Another excellent and at times hard-hitting discussion.
    It really would be interesting to learn as to how widely the EBM podcasts have been and are listened to and by whom within the corridors of power at Goodison ?
    Keep up the good work chaps, sooner or later the pennies will drop… won’t they ?


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