Everton Business Matters Episode 18

In this Episode of Everton Business Matters, the boys speak with passion about how our club as the senior club in the city can continue to make a positive difference to the citizens of the great city of Liverpool and how the emerging partnership with the city council is a force for good for both the city and Everton FC.

Football at a world, national and local level is an increasingly political environment, so John, Paul and Rodger confront the issues this might bring and the massive transformational opportunity it gives to a committed Everton FC.

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One thought on “Everton Business Matters Episode 18

  • 18th January 2018 at 7:17 pm

    Fellas, another excellent listen and it’s heartening to continue to hear the enthusiasm and commitment from you guys… because sadly, as alluded to in the podcast, nearly two weeks on from the AGM, we’ve heard the sum total of nothing from the club, CEO, PR Dept, anybody at all about what a stonking deal Joe Anderson has proposed for the city and the club.

    I sincerely hope that people within the club are listening and taking notes because they’ve just missed another opportunity to communicate.

    Season Ticket renewal packages have been sent out this week to all existing ST holders and there’s nothing at all in the pack that in any way relates to the glorious future for the #SeniorClubInTheCity and a state-of-the-art stadium on the banks of the Royal Blue Mersey.

    So I need to ask… do you guys think anybody within the corridors of power even thought about and considered including something, anything at all to further embrace the future and impress upon our own supporters what a bonzer, stonking, gobsmackingly incredible deal this is ??


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