Episode XIX of Everton Business Matters is full of passion, strong words and constructive views.

The Fun Boy Three of John, Paul and Rodger talk in depth about the principles of our new stadium and the start of the fan consultation process.

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  1. Fellas,
    Another excellent podcast with some interesting ideas bounced around that it would appear the club never even considered, might not even have thought of and worse still, might still not be thinking of.

    Speaking personally on the communication of the Principles, I was thoroughly underwhelmed at the manner and timing of this ‘presentation’ and a lot of the content as it was arguably the biggest non-event in recent times – almost as drab as our Carabao Cup, FA Cup and Europa League campaigns !

    And the general malaise in the way the club both communicates and engages is now at the point where surely, somebody has to, must seek professional advise on how to get things sorted.

    It’s no longer even slightly amusing that we have so many poor or mixed messages coming out of the club, that the club somehow manages to survive and indeed prosper (thanks to the TV deals), to my mind as an outsider, a fan in the stands… someone within the club needs to get a serious grip of the entire media and communication department AND for his own sake, take Mr.Elstone out of the position of ‘fronting’ the club. As was said in the podcast, he is far from a natural in front of an audience and his primary expertise is as an accountant.

    I watched his AGM presentation and found myself feeling sorry for both him and the sniper in the back row of the seats, as Robert was running around the stage so much he could never get a clear shot at him. I’m joking of course, but the impression I got was that Robert was a bundle of nerves about his speech and kept moving almost as a diversionary tactic for the lack of genuinely meaningful content in his speech.

    Come on Everton, somebody take control !!!


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