Matt Jones, Dave Downie and Sarah Halpin debate and discuss a host of issues affecting Everton at the moment, including the pros and cons of qualifying for Europa League football under Sam Allardyce to the omission of Cenk Tosun.

There’s also a chance to hear Matt’s interviews after he attended Everton in the Community’s 30th birthday gala.

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  1. I replied to a tweet from Roger Armstrong saying I’d challenge anyone who wouldn’t want us in Europe if we were ill prepared and with that I would include having Sam as manager. For me this boils down to trusting the club, particularly Moshiri and as Sarah rightly pointed out hoping for a bit of ruthlessness on his part. I hope Allardyce was only given 18 months with getting rid at the end of this season in mind no matter what. If so then they’ve done the right thing. Surely Sam’s remit would have been simply to keep the club up; end of. No matter how high up the table we finish because he wouldn’t be doing the job he was brought in for in the first place if he were here at the start of next season – the 18 month thing only the carrot to lure him here. For me as someone who remembers the lean years of the early 80’s and the subsequent resurgence I’m for having Everton’s brand spread as far and loudly as possible and that includes being in Europe every season, regardless how well we do especially in this early phase of the ‘Project’. I want our club on the telly more often than not and I want my friends in Germany to know who the bloody hell we are and stop having to explain to them why I don’t support LFC if I’m from Liverpool! NSNO..great show as always!


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