By Alan Myers

It seemed following the huge disappointment of the Manchester City game we were once again as a group of Evertonians feeling down and just a tad fed up to say the least, and of course wanting this season to end soon as possible.

However, they say in football a week is a long time. So true, but the source of a derby week pick me up was not expected but equally and gleefully accepted by all who were involved.

Dan Meis, the architect charged with delivering our dreams on the banks of the River Mersey, arrived in town to as much an appreciation and relief as any Colorado Sheriff back in the days of the Wild West.

The cavalry was here! just when we thought we were to wallow in a week of dread and doom heading up to the Merseyside derby, Dan put on a display with enough hope and positivity to reignite all of the fight and passion needed in such an important week.

The “Supporters’ Workshops” planned to allow fans to learn more of the initial thoughts and previews for BMD have been a great success. The steady stream of tweets and messages around the social media network have served to get Blues fans believing again, albeit in a targeted and controlled way. More importantly the professionalism and desire of Meis has leaked to enough corners of the fan base to recharge the batteries and give us hope once again that we are moving forward.

Everton must take much credit for the way in which these workshops were planned and executed. The venue of St Luke’s church was a master stroke, the sneak glimpses of steep and sleek stands and the enthusiasm of a man, in Dan Meis, who looks destined to need a car park space in the private VIP section, such is the gathering fervour of his popularity.

Of course fans are not going to design the stadium – why pay an architect if that was the case? But I think every supporter can be reassured that their thoughts, feelings and desires will be heard and will all contribute to that melting pot running through Dan’s head at the moment.

I would’ve loved to have been present at one of the workshops but as I don’t have a season ticket or get to many games these days due to work commitments, it’s only right that the match going supporter should be forefront in the club’s thoughts.

As a Media man I’d like the message to spread to not only Evertonians but the whole of the football world. Everton’s cautious approach is understandable and there is a long way to go, but if the early signs are an indication of how this stadium growth and ultimate dream is fulfilled then it’s clear, once again, Evertonians have a lot to look forward to!

As Dan returns to his New York City office to gather his thoughts and continue his plans, back here we are in a much happier place than that of last weekend.

Over to you Mr Allardyce and your players!


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