Everton Business Matters Episode 24

The Fun Boy Three of John, Paul and Rodger return for an episode that is almost a year to the day of the first ever Everton Business Matters.  They individually and collectively review the off-field, and inevitably the on-field, antics of the last year.
A passionate debate ensues, with some disagreement, as they examine the performance of the leadership. They critique the running of the Club, highlight where changes are needed in the structure and where new blood is necessary.
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One thought on “Everton Business Matters Episode 24

  • 3rd May 2018 at 6:55 pm

    Twenty-four editions of the EBM podcast have now been aired during which time our three intrepid business experts have considered and mused over many issues surrounding the fortunes of Everton FC.

    They’ve dissected figures, both crowd and monetary, they’ve examined accounts, balance sheets and commercial revenues, and related them to those of other clubs, especially the ‘peer group’ of the current top six clubs to illustrate in no uncertain terms that Everton lag far, far behind.

    They’ve offered thoughts, ideas and options that the club could duly consider and either act upon or not, and it’s quite staggering that after twelve months and twenty-four editions, the opening question from Rodger to Paul and John regarding progress brought replies of none and having gone backwards respectively.

    The sheer frustration that the three of them patently feel is overwhelming, and they mirror and echo the concerns of so many Evertonians about what is happening (or not) within the corridors of power of the club.

    Is there a plan – an outline plan and/or a detailed plan ?
    Is the Chairman about to vacate his position ?
    Is the CEO leaving and exactly when ?
    On the assumption that he is, why hasn’t the deputy CEO stepped into the breach until such time as either their elevation is confirmed or a new CEO is appointed and installed ?
    Where exactly are the club up to with the funding for Bramley Moore Dock ?
    Who exactly is now headlining the BMD project in the wake of the impending departure of Robert Elstone ?
    Are we getting a new Director of Football ?
    If so, who and when, and what is the future for Steve Walsh ?
    Are we terminating the tenure of Sam Allardyce and appointing a new first team manager/coach ?
    If so, who and when ?
    Will a new DoF be appointed first and therefore be a driving/determining voice in the appointment of a new manager/coach ?
    Will the new DoF be a main board position ?
    Will the new manager/coach report into the DoF in a true hierarchy or will they have a direct line to the Chairman/major shareholder in the way that Ronald Koeman has and apparently Sam Allardyce has ?
    Who within the current structure has taken responsibility for attracting DoF/managerial targets and gone about ‘selling’ Everton to them ?

    These are just the headline questions from EBM 24 and by and large, all of these and plenty, plenty more have been posed in editions 1-23.

    So when are we, the loyal and ludicrously patient Everton fan base, going to get some answers ?

    I’m sitting, as patently as I can hoping for some answers and action but sadly, certainly not holding my breath.


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