Everton is one of the top football clubs that play in Europe, and they are specifically based in England and play in the premier league. The club was established in the year 1888 and has since then been in that premier league which is division one for about 118 seasons, which is quite impressive, missing only 4 seasons in the championships. 

It is famously known for being the only club in top-flight English football that has been around the longest. If you are an Everton fan and also a punter, Bethard Norge has one of the best betting odds.

Trophies that Everton Has Won

The trophy cabinet of Everton football club is not filled with cobwebs as they have won impressive trophies for a club of their status. Winning 5 FA cups, 9 domestic league titles, nine charity shields, and one European cup. 

Nickname and Colours of Everton Football Club 

Everton is known by many names such as the school of science, the people’s club, and the blues, but the most prominent name that Everton is known as is the Toffees and this nickname was what they were now called when Everton moved to Goodison. One of their nicknames, “the people’s club” came as a result of one of their managers, David Moyes arrival at the club and it is the second official name of Everton after The Toffees. 

The home color of Everton Football Club is royal blue, although there was a time that they played with sky blue until the fans protested against it. Their away colors are white and black but this color was stopped from being used in 1968, and ever since then, many different colors such as Grey, yellow, white shirts, and blue shorts have been used as their away colors. 

Everton Business Structure 

Everton is not owned by a city or the fans, but it is a company that has a board of directors as those that make the decisions and have the majority of the shares in it. The biggest shareowner in Everton Football Club has 64% shares as of about 2018. Everton is also plagued with debt as it was what stopped them many times from building their dream stadium. Currently, Everton has a debt of about $28.1 million but their finance book has some profits too, at about $28.2 million profit. 

Everton Football Club Stadium 

Everton Football Club has had a lot of ups and downs with the stadium that they play in and this is because of the lack of resources to fund their dream stadium. The first stadium that this football team played in was Stanley Park which was where they played their first official match. It was a man named J.cruitt that gave this place that later served as Everton’s home. Before Everton was officially a football club, they played as tenants in Liverpool’s home, Anfield. Currently, Everton now has Goodison Park as their home and it was when they moved here that they were now known as the Toffees. 

Everton is one of the football clubs in England that have a decent history and has won some trophies. The following above are all the things you need to know about Everton and its history.


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